Captain Tsubasa Kaigai- Gekitouhen in Calcio


Author(s): Takahashi Yoichi

Artist(s): Takahashi Yoichi

Status: Completed

Rank: 14301th

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Alternative Name:キャプテン翼 海外激闘編 日いづる国のジョカトーレ; キャプテン翼 海外激闘編 IN CALCIO; キャプテン翼 海外激闘編 IN CALCIO 日いづる国のジョカトーレ; 足球小将海外激斗篇; Captain Tsubasa - Oversea Games in Calcio; Captain Tsubasa Kaigai - Gekito in Calcio; Captain Tsubasa Kaigai - Gekitou in Calcio

Genre(s): SportsSeinen


While most of the Golden Age struggled to win their ticket for the Madrid Olympics in the Asian preliminaries, a few of them playing overseas had thei... MORE