Seven Days


Author(s): Tachibana Benio

Artist(s): Takarai Rihito

Status: Completed

Rank: 3735th

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Alternative Name:セブンデイズ; セブンデイズ FRIDAY - SUNDAY; セブンデイズ FRIDAY→SUNDAY; セブンデイズ MONDAY→THURSDAY; セブンデイズ Monday-Thursday; 星期戀人; Seven Days - Friday to Sunday; Seven Days - Friday→Sunday; Seven Days - Monday to Thursday; Seven Days - Monday→Thursday; سبعة أيام -; Siete Dias (Spanish); Pitong Araw (Filipino); Syv dage (Danish); सात दिनr; Sapte Zile (Romanian)

Genre(s): School Life Slice Of LifeRomance

Demographic:Shounen Ai

From Vices and Devices: Bright and early one Monday morning, Shino Yuzuru asks Seryou Touji out on a lark when they run into each other at the scho... MORE