Ryuu no Hanawazurai


Author(s): Kusakawa Nari

Artist(s): Kusakawa Nari

Status: Completed

Rank: 8266th

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Alternative Name:龍の花わずらい; 龍族花印記; 龙族花印记; Dragon's Fiancés; Gia tộc rồng; Ryuu no Hana wa Zurai; Ryuu no Hana Wazurai; The Dragon is Afflicted with Flowers; The Dragon's Blossom-Agony; The Dragon's Concern About Blooming; Two Flowers for the Dragon

Genre(s): Romance ShoujoFantasy


The oasis is ruled by the descendents of dragons. Shakuya is a 15-year-old girl who is heiress of the clan. She is in love with her fiancé Kwan who i... MORE